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My personal photography is centered around growing up an only child and being a geek; comics and video games and cartoons and music and scooters and movies and science-fiction and toys.  Those pop-culture obsessions have stayed with me in adulthood.

Regardless of what is in front of my camera, be it real humans in my commercial work, or tiny plastic sculptures and toys built to look like humans in my fine art work, I find people, and portraits of people, my favorite subjects.

My personal photography work has been seen and shown in galleries, exhibitions and museums throughout the Northeast.

Readers of the Hippo nominated me Best Visual Artist for five years in a row.  I’ve been nominated for a NH Business in the Arts award and a New England Art award.  I’ve been published in Popular Photography, and I’ve been featured on websites like Kotaku, Good Morning America, WPPI Online, Petapixel, Huffington Post, Westcott University, Lomography and FStoppers.  I’m a monthly contributor to the photography website DEDPXL.com.

In 2010 I proposed to my wife using Muppets that look kinda like us.  Because Muppets are awesome.  And so is my wife.

Because it’s all about the love of being creative.


ABOUT: the Portraits series (2003-2006)

The Portraits series is a collection of portraits of Japanese anime figurines. These 5 inch action figures are created by machines and made to mimic human bodies and facial expressions. Despite these figures being made on an assembly line, they feature defects from one another that make them as real and diverse as any human being.

ABOUT: the Plastic Erotica series (2010-2012)

Plastic Erotica is a progression from the Portraits series. This new series of work explores the grace and sensuality of the female figure through the medium of plastic toys representing popular Japanese cartoons (Anime). The celebration of line and form expressed in these photographs is juxtaposed with the raw sexuality that the manufacturer of these toys means to portray in their various states of manufactured undress. Blurring and cropping the images lead the viewer to momentarily believe they are actually looking at a photograph of a living person. While the figurines are meant to express a sexual ideal, I extract a tangible feeling of light and beauty from these bits of molded plastic.


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